JBN Remodeling LLC

Kitchen Renovation


Our vision is to be the very best. Our rapidly growing base is helping that to become a reality. We believe in building bridges with our customers and maintaining that throughout the entirety of the process. Deciding that you want to embark on a remodel can be intimidating and stressful. JBN Remodeling LLC and its experienced Project Managers serve as consultants to help get you through the pre-planning phase all the way until you’re ready to move your furniture in. Our 123 process symbolizes the meaning of “yes”. 



The pre-planning phase and rapport building starts with an initial phone call. Our team of experienced Project Managers will ask you a specific set of questions tailored to you and your project’s needs to streamline the process. A follow up in person can be beneficial if the project is large, otherwise measurements and photographs are acquired through the client and a bid starts to get drafted.


The second part of the planning phase entails getting a detailed quote out to the client with the labor and material broken down for ease of viewing. Our costs are laid out upfront so that there are no surprises. This separates JBN Remodeling LLC from the competition. Our customers often compliment us for our detailed quotes.


Once you have reviewed your bid and have had your questions answered, a quick sign-on process will take place to secure your slot in our calendar. We will select a date and time for the project to begin. Once the project commences, the Project Managers will do a set of rounds and keep the customer in the loop to ensure the quality of our work is living up to our high standards.